What is Kotlin ?

Kotlin is a programming language that runs on JVM. It is a official programming language for android. It is statically-typed programming language. Kotlin is developed by JetBrains. Google released Android Studio 3.0 with kotlin, as a android developer we should learn kotlin, this is the future of android developers. Kotlin is very easy and java developer can learn kotlin in few days. Non java developer can also learn Kotlin easily.

Java issues fixed by kotlin

Kotlin fixed some java issues those are –

  1. Null safe by default
  2. no raw data types
  3. smart type casting

Can we call java code from Kotlin ?

Yes. We can call existing java code from kotlin. It is build on java and designed with java Interoperability.

Can we call kotlin program from java ?

Yes. We can call kotlin program from java. Kotlin compiler creates the class file which can be run on JVM.