What is REST?


stands for Representational State Transfer. It is Stateless and architecture style which uses http protocol for data communication.

HTTP Methods and REST Api


get the resource from server.


Create a new resource.


update a existing resource.


remove the resource.

Why we should use RESTful?

1. Its minimising the coupling between client and server.
2. It is very helpful for mobile devices, where mobile can be used for instructions and all the transaction will happen in server.
3. it is easy to integrate with new and existing website.
4. it consume and produce JSON, XML, TEXT etc.

Java framework for creating RESTful web services.

JAX-RS implementation done by below framework.

1. Jersey – more
2. RESTEasy – more
3. Swagger – more
4. Apache CXF – more
5. Spring – more
6. Restlet – more


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